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Joanne Grune-Yanoff 

April, 2011

Experimental glass artist Renata Jakowleff combines a practical mastery of her challenging craft with profound insights about material reality and the natural world – and our human responses to them. Her inquiries have much to do with how the organic world around us behaves, but also with how we ourselves are fascinating creatures of this world in our various physical, psychological and passionate dimensions.

Jakowleff’s commitment to glass as an aesthetic form is rooted in her interest in the nature of the material world. At its core, her work is an exploration and expression of how the natural world behaves – and may be guided to behave. As the artist comments:

“I remain fascinated by the liquid nature of the glass. Even when cooled, it seems to be a material in eternal motion – in ways that continue to surprise and challenge. When working, I often see myself as not so much a creator, but rather a director of the flowing glass…or even its assistant. I follow and document the formative tendencies of glass and refine them into art objects."

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