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Victor X

September, 2011

Victor X began his artistic development in Soviet advertising during the 1980’s. Back then, his work had a distinct flavor of red propaganda, and it’s clear that some traces of this influence sneak into his painting even now, almost 30 years later.

Victor X states:

“The lesson I learned from my early design work is that clarity and accessibility – which are mandatory in advertising media – must likewise be present in all forms of visual art. At the same time I think that paintings benefit from carrying a taste of the unreal. It’s this very fact – that they form a counterbalance to our everyday routines and the more functional images we are surrounded by – that gives them special meaning and power.

Another strong early influence was my ten years as a jazz club graphic designer in what was then called Leningrad. Jazz is the music of inner freedom. To me it will always be a symbol for the kinds of creativity not ruled by money or politics. I’m often told that my paintings reflect the spirit of jazz improvisation – and I gladly accept this compliment.

Some people say my paintings are abstract; others call them surrealistic. I don't pay much attention to such labels. In fact, if I had begun by painting pure abstractions, such comments would tempt me to add realistic details – just to prove my freedom. No tags, no boundaries, please.”

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