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Satu Rautiainen 

December, 2017

Satu Rautiainen’s work is in part an exploration of the spatiality of painting; how two dimensions can suggest – or even create – three dimensions. Closely linked to this is Rautiainen’s recurrent theme of placing installations within the experiential realm of her paintings – the idea of an exhibition within an exhibition, of worlds within worlds.

By playing two and three dimensions against each other in quirky and seemingly almost casual ways, Rautiainen magically creates a mysterious ambiguity in her work that powerfully marks the worlds she creates as subtly – yet utterly – her own.

Rautiainen states:

“I often contemplate installations, but I have thus far chosen to stay within the more enclosed domain of painting. I’m enthralled by the clarity of painting’s materials and tools – and the ability to create depth on a two-dimensional surface. I begin my paintings with water colors, then seal the layer with glue and continue to add both details and surface texture with oil colors.”

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