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Sini Anttila-Rodriguez

March, 2013

I'm interested in how humans give meanings to things. It is sometimes quite surreal how we value one thing and belittle another. A few years ago I started to pay attention to news and pictures about animals in the media. I collected these pictures and together they formed a strange series on the wall of my studio. These animals were not wild. Rather, they clearly seemed to be a product of human creativity. That series of pictures was the initial inspiration for my current work.

The animal figure is a recurring theme in my paintings. And yet while they are depictions of animals, I feel they are more about people – and our relationship to nature. Animals are routinely anthropomorphized or seen as objects, trophies, decoration, or whatever serves the purpose of that moment. I often paint flora and fauna as in a pile, or in some other kind of arrangement made by man.”

                                   – Sini Anttila-Rodriguez

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