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Nanna Susi

February, 2014

Nanna Susi paints with discipline and enormous intensity: Her expressive style utilizes thick layers of paint and strong colors that fuse metallic glow into a voluminous texture.

An ebullient joy of life and peculiar obscurity are combined in Susi’s paintings, creating a tension that is impossible for the observer to escape.

Nanna Susi comments:

“As a painter, I am used to sitting alone in the audience. I see much of my life through my paintings, I know their phases, I know their interphases and I know the point at which they crystallize.

Paintings, in a way that is similar to theatre, interweave rhythm with dysrhythmia, happy with unhappy endings. Likewise, one’s experience of a painting can be long and endlessly consuming, or short and quickly rewarding. For me as a creator, painting is at its most interesting when its themes and ideas change and switch places. So as a spectator, painting is at its most interesting when I'm not sure what's going on. As a painter, the most interesting paintings are always incomplete. The unknown is dark at first, or at least obscure.”

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