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Jukka Korpihete

December, 2014

hasan & partners invited leading Nordic designer Jukka Korpihete to create a light-based installation welcoming Eurobest Festival 2014 visitors to our Festival office party. Korpihete brilliantly transformed our entire premises into a tricolor-illuminated wonderland that set the mood perfectly for a very enjoyable celebration. This remaining part of the installation is presented as an “Afterglow” of the entire Eurobest event – and is also a great way to enliven our workspace during the darkest time of year!

Jukka Korpihete creates industrial projects, artistic installations and everything in between. He often works closely with leading Finnish artists. As an industrial lighting designer Korpihete also works closely with numerous international companies. Client projects range from lighting concepts for private homes to lighting plans for entire cityscapes. Many of his projects are for churches, hotels, offices, facades and other public areas.

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