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Charles Bukowski (tribute) 

April, 2015
Love&Money focuses primarily on introducing cutting-edge, Finland-based visual artists and their artworks to business professionals within their own workplace. Choosing to present a tribute to Charles Bukowski seemed like a fitting deviation from standard form. One benefit of Love&Money installations at hasan & partners is the link between exceptional visual artworks and hasan & partners’ world-class visual design studio. Thinking about what an image means, how it works, and how it was constructed, are things we do here every day.

Highlighting a writer with a profound gift for quickly getting right to the heart of things would seem to similarly connect with hasan & partners’ passion for great copywriting. While we don’t pretend to write like Bukowski, we too live very close to the power of words – and we love the magic of a well-turned phrase. Of course, Bukowski would probably hate us – would hate everything that we do. And yet he might be willing to have a drink (or two) with us, and even listen to us, really hear us out.

He might even, in the end, actually hear something in our voices not totally unfamiliar to his own late night, mournful howls of passion, hurt, hate and love. To quote the master himself – in a way that points to why so many of us seem to feel a creative brotherhood with him, however distant or corrupted: “To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art”.

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