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Nayade Marti

October, 2015

With shocking boldness, artist Nayade Martín explores and documents that most mysterious, magical and frightening of all places – the surreal borderlands between our waking and dreaming selves:

“The impetus and outline of my Red Carnation series arise from the sorts of bad dreams that may sometimes offer us an intimate glimpse of the fantastic. I intend these images as guides into this subtle – somehow quite familiar – strangeness.

We awaken to a world of dreams where images blossom with unknown meanings, their petals scattering over mouths and hands to reveal the all-encompassing uncertainty of being asleep.

We move through a reverie that unwinds and reweaves our obsessions and curiosities; a place where forms and visions conspire to chaotically reject their natural order. Yet they may also provide a placid dawn – one capable of healing the anguish of opening our eyes.

In the impasse between sleep and wakefulness, we find shapes from the past, born anew – a world full of animals and enchanted forms that seduce us into yet another dream: one that merges with reality to erect the labyrinth of life.”

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