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Alvar Gullichsen 

January, 2016
Alvar Gullichsen’s current, ongoing series – only a small sampling of which is displayed in this Love&Money exhibition – is directly concerned with transcultural visual pattern imagery. His advanced, highly personal explorations of this possibly universal geometric “language”, are closely related to his ongoing inquiries into shamanistic, transcendental experiences and traditions. Gullichsen – and others – see these rich geometries as mysterious pathways of knowledge and understanding shared by humans across diverse eras and cultures.

Gullichsen comments:

“I now realize that my work of recent years is, at least in part, about creating an ideal, an uplifting vision, not unlike the modernist movement. Yet instead of worshipping technological progress, machines, cars, efficiency, and achievement, this vision is about worshipping the stillness, serenity and bliss that follows when surrendering to something greater and more powerful than yourself.”