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Sofia Wilkman

January, 2017

Sofia Wilkman is an accomplished artist with an impressive record of professional engagement. About her own life as an artist she offers:

“I have never considered myself very unique, more a piece in a chain, a small part of a tradition. Life is a mosaic and art is only one piece in that ever expanding universe. I’ve always seen myself as an artist, but becoming an artist has been a lifelong task. It takes a lot to develop and sustain the needed skills – the techniques and creative processes that are always fragile – and sometimes doomed to fail.

My visual language is quite dependent on metaphors and language, but is not in itself very theoretical or literary. Over the years my work has often moved between abstract and figurative modes, and in fact most often seems to contain elements of both. Painting is a wonderful thing that allows one to be free from almost everything that binds us to the reality of everyday life and allows us to create worlds of unexpected ideas and never before seen universes.

I use a lot of lines and drawing elements in my work.  Drawing has a quality of the essential in art – it’s a way of expressing things ‘as is’, without the interference of color. Many of my works are about the transition from an outer to an inner world, and vice versa. Our mind can be drawn into pictures, where it may wander in a mental world until returning to the real.”

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