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Kimmo Modig 

April, 2017

Kimmo Modig’s print works at Love&Money are a collection meme-like images originally made by Modig for his Facebook page, plus two new images designed specifically for this show. Parallel with this L&M exhibition, Modig had a show running concurrently at Helsinki Art Museum's gallery (HAM). Posting on Facebook, Modig recently wrote:

“As an artist, I'm really happy being in Helsinki/online, doing what I do, and never traveling anywhere to advance my career. I think I've lost all ambition when it comes to that sort of jet-set way of making art (although I still participate in it a little). I feel like there's nothing left to prove or apply for that would benefit the things I want to do (which is to understand how and why ppl come together for aesthetic experiences). For sure, I'm lucky that I can say this. And, of course, the exchange and dissemination of ideas is important, but I've felt that doesn't really happen, to me, by rushing into a city, giving a talk etc and hitting the bar, and then flying back home, or by cutting yourself off from the world by being in the artificial reality that is artist in residency.

Why is this? Because the anxiety of new social situations, the need to fulfill an unclear agenda set forth by an organizer or a funding body, or even myself, mixed with panicky reconfiguring of your mental map to match your surrounding, is simply draining and uninspiring. Obviously your experiences are different and I'm not propagating this is what everyone should do, but am merely sharing w you how I feel. To be deleted because I'm ambivalent about this.”

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