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Tuukka Kaila 

December, 2019 

The highly experimental photographic artwork of Tuukka Kaila engages the rich history of the photographic process, and also pulls the artform toward fresh and unexpected new directions. Fundamental questions that have been asked since photography’s beginnings, such as “What constitutes a photograph?”, “Is a photograph an accurate recording device?”, and “What is the relationship between visual documentation and visual aesthetics?”, pop up powerfully throughout Kaila’s sharp-minded interrogations. Thankfully, instead of objects which merely support a dry, rigorous analysis of the medium, we get artworks that are rich in both visual beauty and a deliciously playful ­– sometimes bordering on downright cheeky – sensibility.

Also central to Kaila’s green-edge investigations is his deep understanding of how photographs are – almost magically – both ethereal, immaterial representations of pure light, and objects tethered tightly to our material world.

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