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J. A. Juvani 

March, 2019

The artist writes:

It is essential to me to take two or more things and make them crash into each other; Mix glitter with shit. I create paradoxes to reveal the complexity of the subject: that relentless grey mush, the contrast and the dynamics of things. The result is not pretty or ugly, but something intrinsically more, something that is comprehensively incomplete, something where the existence of the subject is raw, honest and unapologetic.

I’ll do what’s necessary in order to achieve what I am looking for. If that means that I need to go against what I really believe is true and right, I will. Nothing is sacred. You need to be most critical towards the things you love, because love makes you blind.  By breaking the rules and crossing the line you can redefine or question their necessity.

At the core of my process you can find subjects like queer, feminism, death, lust, poetry, love, hate, stereotypes, worn out clichés and just general silliness. I work with video, photography, sound, objects and text, with a strong essence of performance art.

Comedy is my most beloved instrument. When the laughter stops, you have to think what I actually want to say. I hope your experience won’t ease your mind, that it haunts you and doesn’t leave you at peace.

© Love & Money, 2018