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Je Suis Charlie 

April 2015,

This Love&Money exhibit was by necessity a pop-up – closely connected with the outpouring of global support for free speech – and the latest victims of its enemies.

Love&Money stands in solidarity with political and corporate leaders around the globe in mourning the victims of  the recent massacre of journalist at the French political satire magazine, Charlie Hebdo  – and in support of the fundamental right of free speech. We are proud to signal our agreement with leading companies like Google, who instantly gave hundreds of thousands of dollars specifically to support the continuation of the magazine. Millions of people took part in the largest march in French history on the streets of Paris 72 hours ago, all chanting the same slogan that now appears on our Love&Money gallery wall: Je Suis Charlie.

Showing support for the magazine’s right to free speech does not equate with endorsing their views. Part of our job as professionals and citizens is to engage big issues, and educate ourselves and each other.

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